Individual door solutions from SBS.

As individual as the goods to be cooled in a chamber can be, so are also the requirements for the correspondingly suitable door. SBS offers you an extensive range of the most diverse door solutions.
Our doors keep the cold where it belongs and ensure the greatest possible constancy of the required temperature. They are easy to open, can be cleaned perfectly and close precisely. Do you have a cold storage chamber or a refrigerated warehouse where there is frequent entering by persons or forklifts? Then our swing doors or strip curtains are the best practical and inexpensive solution. Simply inform yourself about the various chamber doors or let us advise you.

Wherever chilled goods are to be presented in an attractive, sales-promoting and energy-saving manner, glass doors with optimum insulating properties are the right solution, e.g. in petrol stations or beverage markets and supermarkets.

Glass doors are available in frame modules with 1 to 5 doors. Door profiles and outer frames made of naturally anodised aluminium are available for clear opening dimensions of 590 mm and 690 mm width and 1531 mm and 1731 mm height. Our glass doors are hinged on the right as standard.

Strong performance coolly calculated.

  • Sales-promoting product presentation
  • Energy-saving storage
  • Simple, user-friendly application
  • Clear view, even at low temperatures
  • In combination with shelves: simple, convenient removal of goods

High-quality materials, sophisticated technology, high user comfort. The cold storage and deep-freeze chamber hinged doors from the D series meet the highest demands and convince with an attractive price-performance ratio. They are supplied with a frame (deep-freeze chamber door D12 with frame heater), which allows them to be installed in practically any brickwork or stud frame.

The D8 and D12 models offer reliable solutions for every temperature range.

Cold storage hinged door D8
Cold storage hinged door D12

Strong performance coolly calculated.

  • Maximum hygiene and best performance at any temperature and humidity.
  • Available in single and double-leaf design
  • Flexible dimensions
  • Surfaces made of stainless steel or white coated galvanised thin sheet
  • If necessary, seals can be replaced very easily

SR series sliding doors for cold storage and deep-freeze chambers offer a maximum of flexibility and functionality, hygiene and economy. The SR sliding door is extremely reliable and versatile in every working environment. Opening and closing requires minimum effort. Alternatively, the sliding door is also available in an automatic version.
Other sliding door designs on request.


  • Cold storage sliding door SR8 with 80 mm leaf thickness
  • Deep-freeze chamber sliding doors SR12H with 120 mm leaf thickness
  • Maximum dimensions 3000 x 3000 mm (WxH)
  • Compression lever
  • Sliding rail made of stainless steel, rollers and lowering made of POM
  • Thermotec frame 150 x 50 mm in RAL 9002 (optionally covered with sheet metal in chamber colour)
  • Optimal three-dimensional adjustability
  • Deep-freeze chamber version with integrated, self-regulating frame heater for minimum energy consumption
  • Automatic version with infrared light grid (optional)
  • Block lock incl. emergency release with profile cylinder (optional)
  • Simple and quick assembly

Our PVC swing doors are robust in design. They are used wherever cold storage chambers or refrigerated warehouses are subject to frequent entering by persons and forklifts.

Assembly diagram


  • Transparent door leaf made of 7 mm thick soft PVC
  • Plastic corner reinforcement as tear protection
  • Temperature resistant from -20 °C to +60 °C (-4 ° to +140 °F)
  • Sturdy, galvanised steel frame profile (gallows and door frame), optionally single or double leaf, also available in stainless steel
  • Opening angle on both sides 90 degrees
  • Closing force individually adjustable
  • Completely pre-assembled for easy self-assembly

PVC strip curtains are often used as an inexpensive and energy-saving solution for door areas. They are suitable for light or medium use in cold storage and deep-freeze chambers.

Assembly diagram


  • Metal parts made of aluminium
  • Width of the plastic strips 200 / 300 mm, thickness optionally 2 or 3 mm
  • Possible installation below or behind the lintel
  • Optional: Strip curtains made of particularly cold-resistant material for temperatures between 0 °C and -40 °C (32 ° to -40 °F)