... we simply leave out the joints.

With the unique SBS Standard Hygiene+ you are always on the clean and therefore on the safe side. This clever design meets the highest demands. 
Because we install the ceiling and floor elements of the chambers on the inside, no cross joints are visible from the outside. The result? The chambers are particularly hygiene-friendly and easy to clean, as impurities are less likely to accumulate in cracks and joints. Fewer joints also result in a more visually appealing surface.

Your benefits with the innovative SBS Hygiene+ system:

  • Cost saving due to less cleaning effort
  • Easier compliance with hygiene regulations
  • Convenient, time-saving assembly
  • Easy to clean and attractive surfaces
  • Longer service life of cold storage and deep-freeze chambers
Elastic, continuous polyurethane coating.
Welded stainless steel floor tray with recess in the wall element.
Hygienic ground radius.


Cleaning made easy - with our SBS floor surfaces.

Our wide range of individual floor surfaces offers you many other hygiene advantages. Whether made of stainless steel or with elastic, jointless polyurethane coating, floor elements from SBS require very little cleaning. They are also available with a floor radius on request. This considerably optimises the hygiene factor through the rounded transition from the floor element to the wall panels. The use of foamed-in  vacuum panels provides better insulation with a lower floor structure:
You can find further information about our floors here: