Welded chambers

The welded-type temperature and climate chamber is suitable for extreme simulation conditions. Each individual element is professionally welded by our experts using the TIG method and assembled for transportation on a varnished steel frame. Depending on the transport options, the steel frame can be equipped with forklift pockets or lifting brackets. The entire chamber is checked thoroughly for air-tightness, and is delivered on schedule. Large chambers are assembled on site.

For pressure chambers we offer hinged and sliding doors with activatable sealing. Your advantage: gas-tight welded pressure chambers are particularly reliable and can be realised with positive negative pressure loads up to 3,500 Pa.

  • 1: Ceiling apertures for solar simulation with welded stainless steel reveal and heater

  • 2: Multiple glazed, radiant heated inspection window

  • 3: Welding seam as gas-tight connection of the wall, ceiling and floor elements

  • 4: Wall construction consists of polyurethane rigid foam and mineral wool

  • Temperature range from -70°C to +180°C
  • Leakage test at +/-400 Pa
  • Relative humidity up to 98%
  • Insulation from 60 to 200 mm, single or multi-layered (polyurethane rigid foam, mineral wool)
  • Interior wall coatings: stainless steel sheet V2A to V4A.
  • Exterior wall coatings: stainless steel sheet V2A to V4A – aluminium plate, coated white – galvanised thin sheet, coated white
  • Robust model, long service life
  • Climate chamber with stainless steel sheet interior, completely welded tight
  • Rear wall designed for the installation of a heat exchanger and an air-deflecting wall
  • Chamber ceiling with welded-in apertures to enable a solar simulation system to be fitted.