Automotive industry: VT SHED

In the automotive industry, the development phase of a vehicle can be substantially shortened and performed much more cost-effectively with the use of temperature and climate chambers. The project example from this industry shows a VT SHED chamber with interior gas-tight welding. Hydrocarbon evaporative emissions from vehicles, tank systems and components are measured in a temperature-controlled SHED chamber (+15°C to +45°C). With these applications it is important that the actual SHED chamber releases no emissions. This problem definition means that high demands are placed on processing, tightness and the materials used.

  • Suspended ceiling of stainless steel perforated plate cassettes to support an air-filled volume-compensating plastic sack in the chamber

  • Welded-in stainless steel pipe for the measurement connection

  • Chamber door with activatable sealing to close the climate chamber gas-tight

  • Lockable lead-through and inspection windows

  • VT Shed, surface 2R mirrored stainless steel