Temperature and Climate Chambers

We love the challenge

We are reluctant to settle for the ordinary – as far as we are concerned, we enjoy rising to the challenge. Which is why we also focus on the field of climate and environmental simulation, and have acquired some degree of specialisation. After all, there are no standards in this area – every task is different: sophisticated, complex, challenging. Just how we like it. And because we love it like that, we’re really good at it. Challenge us with your next project! Whether in research or development, production or quality assurance – we create perfect conditions for environmental simulation.

  • Chambers for use in a variety of temperature ranges (-70°C to +180°C)
  • Chambers for various humidity conditions (relative humidity up to 98%)
  • Pressure chambers with positive negative pressure loads up to 3000 Pa
  • Gas-tight welded chambers with clearly defined leakage rates
  • Various construction types and materials are used, such as welded stainless steel surface layers, multi-layered element structures (polyurethane, mineral wool and plywood), as well as special door constructions