Sealed chambers

SBS temperature and climate chambers are the product of high-quality work – tightly secured by professionally sealed chamber joints. Our sealed chambers are put to the test in a temperature range from -40°C to +80°C, with a maximum pressure load of +/-200 Pa and a relative humidity of up to 90%.

Insulation: 60 to 200 mm, single or multi-layered (polyurethane rigid foam, mineral wool)

Wall coatings: V2A to V4A – aluminium plate, coated white or white-coated galvanised thin sheet Doors are planned and produced individually

  • 1: Door seal with double hollow chamber of tempered silicon foam

  • 2: Door latch of a climate chamber door with emergency release and triple fastener via an inclined run-up surface

  • 3: Illustration of roller strikes. The air-tight doors are easy to close

  • 4: Chamber rear wall with thermally insulated lead-throughs, made according to customer specifications, enabling the heat exchanger to be assembled quickly and easily

  • 5: Lead-through thermally insulated with a stainless steel reveal, with rosette on the inside and outside. The position of the thermal separation is variable. Dimension according to customer specifications

  • 6: Non-slip stainless steel floor plate, material thickness from 0.7 mm to 4 mm, anti-slip category R11 or R12, also available welded or as welded floor pan on request