What our customers have to say

"We are successful at producing top-quality deep-frozen pastries. The skills of our trade, the care with which we handle our products throughout the manufacturing process and the exceptional quality of our products are the focus of our thinking and actions, day after day. Likewise, we expect this consistent quality philosophy from our suppliers and service providers.

SBS Kühltechnik has exceeded our expectations by far. The deep-freeze rooms for our pastries (-45°C) were installed quickly, neatly and competently one weekend, so as not to disturb the production process. The previous installation was dismantled and the new deep-freeze room erected in no time. Stability and the tightness of the floors are particularly important to avoid frost damage, especially for the demands we place on our food production and cooling. The precision of the SBS employees showed the extent to which they master their trade. Five "frozen stars" for your work - Thank you!"

Wolf Butterback, Fürth