Your chilled goods are in good walls

In the basic version, the wall and ceiling panels are furnished inside and outside with galvanised thin sheet with a white synthetic coating (RAL 9010*). Other designs are possible, depending on your individual requirements: special colours, aluminium sheet RAL 9010*, stainless steel sheet ground with 240 grain, stainless steel sheet linen texture, stainless steel sheet rolled blank 2B.
*Colours may deviate slightly

The maximum self-supporting span of the ceiling panels is dependent on the insulation thickness. In the case of 80 mm insulation, for instance, it is 5.4 m. With 150 mm insulation it is 6 m. In the event of divided ceiling panels or greater spans, the panels are suspended using special suspension from the on-site ceiling or a self-supporting steel construction.

  • Furnishings according to your requirements

  • Wall coating in stainless steel ground with 240 grain

  • Wall coating in stainless steel sheet rolled blank 2B