Carefully thought-out down to the last detail

SBS Kühltechnik always delivers products featuring a maximum degree of flexibility, tailored to your needs. The standard SBS Hygiene+ design provides inlying ceiling and floor elements. As a result, there are no visible horizontal joints on the outside. This guarantees easy cleaning and attractive surfaces through a minimized amount of joints. Our cold storage and deep-freeze rooms can be delivered in all sizes and are produced to order.

With a combined cold storage and deep-freeze room you are also flexible with regard to temperature. Partition walls separate the space into different temperature zones, enabling a variety of products to be stored. Your chilled goods need to be stored well, using as little energy as possible. Which is why we use polyurethane rigid foam, which has top insulating properties. The volume weight is between 40 and 45 kg/m3.

During assembly, the individual elements are connected tightly to one another using tongue and groove joints and foamed-in, corrosion-resistant cam toggle-type fasteners. The door is usually locked from inside. This system is not only easy to use – it is also robust and reliable. Cold storage and deep-freeze rooms can be spatially varied or extended with little effort.

  • 1: The wall is connected to the floor by a toggle-type fastener

  • 2: The wall is connected to the ceiling by a toggle-type fastener

  • 3: The wall is connected to the other wall by a toggle-type fastener

  • 4: The principle of tongue and groove joints with integrated toggle-type fasteners fits perfectly, and is easy to use

Isulation thickness U-values Recommended temperature difference
80mm 0,27W/Km² 36 K
100mm 0,22 W/Km² 45 K
120mm 0,18 W/Km² 55 K
150mm 0,14 W/Km² 70 K
180mm 0,12 W/Km² 80 K
200mm 0,11 W/Km² 88 K