Tightly closed. Easy to open.

Cold storage or deep-freeze room doors by SBS meet the highest requirements. They close tightly; they are easy to open from both inside and outside; and they are easy to clean and maintain. Every SBS cold storage and deep-freeze room is delivered with a hinge door, available in different sizes (W x H): 800 x 1800 mm / 800 x 1900 mm / 900 x 1900 mm / 1000 x 2000 mm. Other door dimensions are available on request.

Every door is built into an element frame. A robust compression lever with an integrated profile cylinder lock ensures optimum closing. When the door is closed, it can be opened at all times from inside by operating an emergency release system. The robust door hinges are made of high-quality materials (stainless steel/plastic), and automatically lift the door leaf when opened. The hollow section seal attached to the door leaf is supplemented by grinding seal on the underside of the leaf. It is easy to clean and replace. All doors for SBS deep-freeze rooms are equipped with a frame heater. The frames of SBS cold storage room doors contain a cold interruption profile. A frame heater can be retrofitted quickly with little effort. The door can be positioned wherever required.

  • The doors close tightly

  • Deep-freeze rooms are equipped with a frame heater as a standard feature

  • Robust compression lever closing system with cylinder lock