Practical, sturdy, inexpensive

The practical PVC swing doors we deliver are designed to be robust and fully suitable for everyday use. They are indispensable wherever cold storage rooms and refrigerated warehouses are entered frequently by people and fork lifts.

PVC strip curtains are often used as an inexpensive, energy-saving solution for door areas. They are suitable for low to moderate demands in cold storage or deep-freeze rooms.

PVC swing doors: practical and robust

  • Transparent door leaf out of 7 mm thick plasticised PVC
  • Plastic corner reinforcement to prevent tearing
  • Temperature-resistant from -20°C to +60°C
  • Robust, galvanised steel frame profile (gallows and door frame), with a choice of either single or double leaf, also available in stainless steel
  • 90 degree opening angle, from both sides
  • Individually adjustable closing force
  • Fully pre-assembled for simple self-assembly

PVC strip curtains: inexpensive and energy-saving

  • Metal parts made of aluminium
  • Width of plastic strips 200/300 mm, thickness either 2 or 3 mm
  • Can be installed below or behind the lintel
  • Optional: strip curtains made of a particularly cold-resistant material for operating conditions at temperatures between 0°C and -40°C