Safe, effective storage

A stable shelving system enables the perfect storage and space-saving arrangement of food and other products in cold storage and deep-freeze rooms. We recommend the use of robust, high-quality processed shelves made of anodised aluminium or rust-proof stainless steel. Thanks to the seamless manufacture, the easy-to-clean smooth surfaces and the plastic end caps on the shelf supports, the systems meet the highest safety and hygiene requirements.

Construction: shelving systems for canteen kitchens, clinics, industry and agriculture need to be particularly robust. The shelves are assembled in modular fashion into an individual system. The basic shelf and mounted shelf are firmly connected to one other; diagonal braces at the rear ensure optimum stability. An added advantage: the system can be assembled quickly and simply.
Shelf rests: the load-bearing capacity of shelf rests is a decisive factor. Continous shelf rests or grid plates are used, according to the individual area of application. Depending on dimensions, the load-bearing capacity of the shelf rests is up to 200 kg (shelf load). A shelf bay can take up to 600 kg (bay load).

  • Stainless steel set of shelves with Continous shelf rests

  • Stainless steel grid plate

  • Aluminium grid plate

  • Continous stainless steel plate

  • Continous aluminium plate